ViteRite products are free from artificial colour, preservatives and flavouring. All tablet formulations are suitable for vegetarians. VitaRite products contains Amino Chelated minerals. All VitaRite formulations are formulated to EEC regulations & requirements.

  AgeGuard 30's (Youth Elixir) Veg.caps                           
           A Youth Elixir of life . Two-in-One Combination Of Alpha Lipoic Acid - 250 mg and Acetyl - L - Carnitine -250mg  in one-a-day Vegetable Capsules . A powerful anti-oxidant known to roll back years and increase memory . 

   Each Capsule Supply:
      Alpha Lipoic Acid                            250mg
      Acetyl-L-Carnitine                          250mg
      (Free Form)


   Each Bottle Contains  :  30 Veg. Capsules                Each Bottle Contains  :  60 Veg. Capsules 

   Price Per Unit              :   £ 35.99    
                 Price Per Unit              :  £ 59.99              


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