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Karela ( Bitter Melon ) grows in a tropical areas , including parts of Amazon , Africa  , Asia  and the Caribbean and is cultivated throughout South America as a food and medicine . The fruit appears as a warty qourd , usually oblong and resembling as a sweet cucumber . In the Amazon the local people and indigenous tribes grow  Karela  ( Bitter Melon ) in gardens for food and medicine .

In Brazilian herbal medicine Karela (Bitter Melon) is used for tumours , rheumatism , malaria , colic , fevers , worms and as an aphrodisiac is also employed topically for skin problems , vaginitis , haemorrhoids ,  scary itchy rashes , eczema and leprosy . In Mexico the entire plant is used for diabetes and dysentery , the root is a reputed aphrodisiac . In Peruvian history medicine , the leaf or aerial parts of the plant are used to treat malaria , and all types of inflammation . In Nicaragua the leaf commonly used for stomach pain , diabetes , fevers , colds , coughs , headaches , skin complaints , menstrual disorders , aches and pains , infections and as an aid in childbirth . 

Many in vivo clinical studies have demonstrated the relatively low toxicity of all parts of the Karela ( Bitter Melon ) plant when ingested orally . Karela ( Bitter Melon ) contains an array of novel and biologically active phytochemicals including triterpenes , proteins and steroids. In the numerous studies , at three different groups of constituents found in all parts of bitter melon clinically demonstrated hypoglycaemic properties ( blood sugar lowering ) other actions of potential benefit against diabetes mellitus . The hypoglycaemic chemicals include a mixture of steroidal saponins known as charantins , insulin-like  peptides and alkaloids . The hypoglycaemic effect more pronounced in the fruit of  Karela 
( Bitter Melon ) where these chemicals are greater abundance . 

To date close to one hundred in vivo studies have demonstrated the blood glucose  lowering effect of this Karela . The fruit has also shown the ability to enhance cells uptake of glucose , to promote insulin release potentiate the effect of insulin . In other in vivo studies , Karela has shown to reduce total cholesterol level  and triglycerides in  presence and absence of dietary cholesterol  . In one study       cholesterol and triglyceride level in diabetic rats were retruned to normal after 10 weeks of treatement .                                           








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Each Pack Contain : 60 Vegetable Capsules

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